O' Fallon Brewery

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Challenge:  O’Fallon Brewery needed to expand the process to grow.

Solution:  Assembled new brewery in a location that encourages restaurant with after hour walk-in business, lunch, dinner, and evening business.  Increased production, storage, shipping, and distribution.

Result:  The new facility is located in the Maryland Heights area.   Dynamic assisted on process design documentation and permit application.  Dynamic teamed up with Vernon Spaulding at Providence Process Solutions

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Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium

Challenge:   The video and score board system needed updating.

Solution: Provided additional cooling to support new equipment installed in the upgrade.

Result:  Teaming with a local contractor we developed a system that met the cooling needs and fit in a confined space utilizing the local available utilities.

Doe Run Viburnum

SEMO HQ front

Challenge:  Upgrade the cooling and heating system at the main headquarters and Brushy Creek facility.  New system was to be designed with high energy savings technique.

Solution:  Developed a geothermal system incorporating unitary office solution, a dedicated outdoor air system, a locker room dehumidification system and under floor heating system.

Result: Dynamic teamed up with Microgrid Energy to assemble a design project that Doe Run executed and installed.

Virbac - Aluben


Challenge:   Relocating an established pet pharmaceutical product to the St. Louis production plant

Solution:  Dynamic teamed up with NNE Pharmaplan to develop a solution.  Dynamic provided a local presence for all involved.  Dynamic provided mechanical and electrical renovation design.

Result:  Project is still under construction